The year 2017 was all about the hype of battle royale games. If you too are someone who likes games belonging to such genres, then you will love to be a part of such a battle where 50 to 100 players fighting against each other for the last spot and coming out as the final winner.



A big thanks to the Garena game developers people are now able to download their battle game on their respective phones with the help of Garena fire free.

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Where to drop?

The initial stage of the battle royale games requires the person to incorporate insertion. This involves the player jumping off the plane, carrying a similar goal of winning like all the remaining 49 players. The player has to choose between balancing the respective risks, whereas the big towns will carry within most action-packed weapons.

Vehicles-are they worth the risk?

Although for one it is fun to be a part of a squad in such situations, but it also turns out to be a giveaway with regard to the position of the player in the game. The offered set of vehicles in Garena free fire are great in terms of running and carry the features of quick speed when it comes to moving from one end to the other.

Play styles-which is the best for you?

This part of the game totally depends on the personal preference of the player. The ones who have had a long built relationship with the battle style games, this may not come as a difficult choice. On the other hand, it is highly advisable that this time around you should go for something new and unique that is definitely out of your comfort zone. In short, challenge yourself for the best.